Dr. Acula Slots

We’re not sure we would want to see him. Just look at that face! Doesn’t he look rather like a vampire to you? A certain Mr Dracula, perhaps? Yes, the title of this slot is a play on the most famous vampire of all. Rival Gaming has clearly had some fun with this one, releasing it around Halloween too, very appropriately. But will you have some fun with it as well?

Reels and win lines

The game is based on three reels, offering a familiar 3 x 3 format that provides room for five lines to be played.

Coins in play

The game provides players with several coin options. Moreover, you also get the chance to choose whether you want to play just one coin per line or anything up to five of them.

Dr Acula special symbols

It makes sense the game would use Dr Acula as a wild symbol. He will substitute for anything else that might appear, increasing your odds of picking up some prizes whenever he shows up. He also acts as the jackpot icon. As you might suppose, you need three of him to fill a paid line to win that prize.

The coins played on the jackpot line determine the size of your prize. So, check the paytable and decide how many coins you’ll play… just in case you get lucky.

The game includes a nurse too – someone we suspect aids Dr Acula in his work. But she looks just as scary as the doc does, so you might want to keep your distance.

Bonus chances

While some games do feature bonuses, even when only three reels are in play, this doesn’t qualify as one of them. The wild is the one special icon in play here, so keep an eye out for that and make sure you don’t miss it when it appears.

Download and play the Dr Acula slot today

Dr Acula won’t be top of anyone’s list to go see if they develop a problem that they need advice on. However, if you want to play a freaky slot that is ideal for Halloween, or just something with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, Dr Acula from Rival Gaming might just be what you’re looking for. Will the doc be kind to you and help you win some prizes? Let’s hope he is feeling generous today.