Midas Touch Slots

King Midas was blessed – or cursed – with the ability to turn everything he touched into gold. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But imagine not being able to touch the things – or people – you love most. Touch some food to eat it and that turns to gold too. What a nightmare!

So, with a slot game called Midas Touch, could we expect gold to make a familiar appearance? Let’s check it out and see whether this is a golden opportunity to score some prizes.

Reels and win lines

The game presents us with three reels and the same number of paylines – two more than you might have guessed at.

Coins in play

Midas Touch qualifies as a penny slot. It could also be played with bigger wagers. It’s possible to make your coin worth up to $5 a time, along with wagering up to three per line per spin.

Midas Touch special symbols

The game features its logo on one of the symbols. This is a wild. Three of these appearing on a paid line will bring you a tasty prize worth 500, 1,000, or 2,000 coins paid for one, two, or three coins wagered.

While the golden theme is well represented here, you will also see some fruit. That’s not unusual in a three-reel game, but unfortunately the poor King won’t be able to eat any of it. He cannot touch it, after all.

Bonus chances

The main attraction in this game is the wild symbol, as mentioned above. There is no scatter and no other bonus features to look for. As such, it is a simple game yet one we think you will love playing.

Download and play the Midas Touch slot today

If you want the chance to win a decent jackpot, we would recommend playing the three-coin bet on each line here. Since you can do this for just one cent per coin, it still makes the game affordable to play for most people. In doing so, you always have a slim chance you could scoop the biggest jackpot on offer.

Overall, though, the Midas Touch slot game is a thrill to play. It’s nice to switch from more complex slots to ones that are easier to enjoy. This one certainly fits that mold, hence why we recommend it. Will you have the Midas touch and turn those reels to gold?