Couch Potato Slots

It’s a wonder that couch potatoes haven’t been used as a theme in other slot games. Maybe the software developers were feeling lazy? That’s what the term means, of course – relating to someone to lazes around on their couch not doing very much. We might all do that, but we probably don’t look like the potato seen in this entertaining game. Will it give you everything you’re looking for in a slot though?

Reels and win lines

This is a small game, offering three reels to start spinning and only one line to try and get a prize on.

Coins in play

The smallest coin here is 25 cents, so it is not a cheap game despite its size. The biggest value is $25, with the chance to wager up to three coins on the line with each spin.

Couch Potato special symbols

The Couch Potato logo appears inside a TV screen. This is used as a substitute during the game. It has a neat multiplier feature too. One wild in a winning line will bring you a 5x multiplier to give you a bigger prize. Find two wilds in a winning line and you will do even better – triggering a 25x multiplier for the usual amount you would win for that combination of three.

The game is small, of course, which means there is no room for a scatter to appear. You might not have expected one anyway.

Bonus chances

There are no bonuses provided in this game, although the attraction of that multiplier wild is the major benefit in playing the game. Since the coin values are heftier than usual, you could enjoy seeing that TV screen cropping up.

The jackpot is worth a mention too, though. Playing one, two, or three coins will influence the amount that jackpot would be worth if you won it. We all know the odds aren’t on our side to make that happen, but you would receive 2,000, 5,000, or a massive 15,000 coins for a one-, two-, or three-coin win.

Download and play the Couch Potato slot today

Couch Potato is the only slot of its kind based on this topic, as far as we are aware. It’s a good one though, as you can see from those multipliers. How lucky will you get if you give this one a try today?