Diamond Cherries Slots

Whenever cherries crop up in the title of a game, we suspect we are going to be met with a basic three-reel slot. So, will that be the case in the Diamond Cherries slot? Can we expect to see some diamonds here too? If so, what could they be worth to us?

You never know quite where a slot is going to take you from the title alone, so let’s dive in and see whether those Diamond Cherries are worth searching for.

Reels and win lines

We did get one thing right – this is a three-reel game with only one line to put some coins on for each spin.

Coins in play

This can be played as a simple penny slot game if you wish. There are other coins to consider too, reaching a maximum of $10 a time. You can also wager a maximum of three coins on the line per spin.

Diamond Cherries special symbols

How many three-reel games have you seen with a scatter symbol involved? Not many, we bet. You get one here though, shaped as a diamond, of course. You can scoop a prize for just one or two appearing on the line. A mixed lot of bar symbols – another familiar icon – is also good for netting a prize.

You might see the titular diamond cherries pop up as well. If they do, they behave as wild symbols. They also bring either a 2x or a 4x multiplier, depending on whether one or two appear in a winning line. Find three on the line and you will win the jackpot. This is determined by the coins you wagered when the combination struck. One, two, or three coins bring you 750, 1,500, or 2,500 coins in return for that win.

Bonus chances

Diamond Cherries may have a scatter symbol present, but it does not offer any free games or other bonus features.

Download and play the Diamond Cherries slot today

For a simple three-reel game, Diamond Cherries is great fun to play. You can think of it as a slight twist on the traditional three-reeler. It has a few other elements you would not normally see in a slot game of this size, and that makes it well worth checking out if you have the time or want something different to play. Start looking for those diamonds and cherries today.